Short Term Mission Trips

Mentors visiting CNFOUG on one of its annual mission trips will find their Ugandan experience to be strikingly unique and distinctly personal.  Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” offers bountiful natural beauty and diverse cultures.  Mission Trip Team members will be immersed in Ugandan society, visiting foster families and interacting with children and staff.


Visiting Mentors can choose to live in the visitor’s accommodation near the Children’s Rescue Home, fully immersed in the hustle and bustle of the organization, or they can stay at our off-site accommodation. You will visit assigned foster parents eager to learn a few skills from you. Your hosts are eagerly waiting to teach you a thing or two about their culture and life while they soak in your lessons. Each day will end with new memories, new friends and a sense of satisfaction not easily found on a traditional tourist bus.


You will have plenty of time to enjoy the usual tourist activities. You can pick and choose. You can visit a village market to bargain for traditional art and crafts. Or you could spend time with women in our programs making your own mementos. You could head into eastern Uganda to take a river boat down River Nile the longest river in Africa. More daring? You could go white water rafting at the source of the Nile where you will witness the best sunsets with tons of exotic birds, greenery all around and wild noises. Do you want to make this even more memorable with a trek into Bwindi Impenetrable Game Park in search of the rare mountain gorilla? How far do you want to go? We will go with you.


There is much more than a tourist Safari waiting for you in Uganda on your mentorship trip with CNFOUG. There is a family liaison aide and community waiting for you to develop a genuine partnership with long-term relationships that will encourage and help build up a family and improve their lives long after you leave.


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Our national ambitions save precious lives each year and rebuild broken childhoods but hundreds of unattended children remain in need of loving foster families and life-changing intervention.