Feed a Child Program

The Problem

The Kyanja Resource center is also home to transitional children waiting to be placed with a foster family. This resource center is currently relying on food donations from the community to prepare meals for all its children. Due to the lack of stable funds, meal preparations become more vulnerable to availability and less about variety and nutrition.

Our Strategy

Nutritious meals are very vital in rebuilding the lives of HIV positive kids, malnourished community children and ex-street kids recovering from parasitic diseases like tapeworms which they acquired from their unsafe living environments.


Foster children living close to the resource center utilize this center for educational support. These children’s meals are vital in keeping them focused during their tutor sessions. While many of our foster families supplement their food budgets by growing their own food, even then we still have a deficit in our food budget to meet all the children’s’ nutritional needs.

Donate Now! Feed a Child!

We need meals for the children and their carer. Can you cover some of these?


During school breaks, our community library runs a holiday feeding program for at-risk children in the community. We found that many children are left home without adult supervision and no meals during school breaks.


The chances of unsupervised children spending their day reading books at the library are improved tremendously by the promise of a hot nutritious meal, fruits, and snacks.