Child Mothers

Child Mothers

Imagine a world where an 11-year-old girl is raising two younger siblings, think back at that age what were you doing? Was your mind occupied with finding your next meal, or searching for cloth to patch up your dress? Did you spend your evenings worrying about securing your door? Imagine this is your reality at 11 years, what are childhood!

This is 11-year-old Amina’s daily thoughts, this little girl’s childhood is slipping away since her grandmother died a few months back. Her mother suffered from Aids and died two years ago. Amina was never introduced to her father. I watch this little girl struggle between being a parent and being a child. She fleets from one role to the next, and I marvel at her courage and strength. Amina narrates her ordeal to me, with fat tears streaming down her little cheeks. “Life is getting tougher, some bad men discovered that me and my siblings don’t have a guardian”.

This little girl has been forced to grow up fast. She recognizes the dangers that lie outside her door. She narrates, “last night someone tried to pry our door open, I screamed for help and asked my 5-year-old sister to scream as loud as she could. We were saved by the neighbor, he flashed a light and scared the men away. I couldn’t fall asleep after that, I had to listen for any noises I thought they were coming back”.

You might wonder, what has Amina’s story got to do with the photo? This building is the office of Community Network for Orphans – Uganda (CNFOUG). It’s also an emergency refuge for children like Amina. A voice for the voiceless. Amina’s neighbor told her about CNFOUG and by 6:30 am little Amina and her two siblings were at the building doors waiting for it to open. CNFOUG offers emergency housing for children in need while it prepares a foster family to receive them.

Little Amina needs YOU right now, not tomorrow, she cannot wait much longer. She has lost too much of her childhood already, her life and that of her little sisters are at stake. We need YOU to get Amina and her siblings settled with a foster family until we can track down her extended family. Amina needs food, medical checkups, clothes, tuition fees and some therapy to help her and her siblings settle in.

We cannot do this without YOU for just $1.10 per day YOU provide Amina and children like her a second chance at a childhood again. Please rebuild these childhoods today with a donation of any amount.

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