Saving Lives Through Sewing

Saving Lives Through Sewing

I recently visited Uganda, where I saw firsthand how your support is helping young people improve their lives. Young girls are learning about menstrual hygiene and building their confidence in the Kyanja community. It’s an area full of orphans and abandoned children with a great need for social services. In this update, we want to share how your gifts and support respond to some children’s needs. It was a pleasure to celebrate World Menstrual Health Day on May 28th with some of the beneficiaries of this program.

90% of students in rural Uganda did not meet adequate menstrual health management criteria and lacked supplies, according to Hennegan (2016). Many girls reported feeling shame, insecurity, and embarrassment during their period. Today, because of people like you, CNFOU teaches young girls how to create reusable pads from simple materials like recycled cotton cloth.

You Are Restoring Young Girl's Dignity

Young girls are also taught simple hygiene techniques and trained to become peer trainers. Training days are safe spaces where terrible myths that undervalue girls are burst open. For example, “it is bad luck if a menstruating girl touches you in the morning.”

About 50 young girls have made six reusable pads for themselves at no cost because of your support. While children deemed to be in severe need receive additional underwear, soap, and a small wash bucket. Each week about 15 girls meet to learn about body hygiene during puberty and how to manage their blood flow and boost their confidence.

Every Saturday, both male and female, young people meet to learn sewing skills as they discuss their future. These lessons provide subtle group therapy, where children are encouraged to discuss their future and past.

We hope to buy six more sewing machines so that each participant can practice their skills longer. Our goal is to equip young people with enough practical skills with a lasting impact on their lives and communities.

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