Purpose of CNFOUG

Welcome to Community Network for Orphans Uganda

Our Purpose

Restoring Childhoods | Reviving Families | Redeeming Broken Communities

What We Stand For

Supported Foster Parents

Equipped caregivers

United, strengthened and revived families

Sustainable prosperity

United, strong communities

Children, families and communities who know and love God

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What We Stand Against

We pull all of our resources and capacity to fight against:


Child abandonment

Child Neglect and Abuse

Child institutionalization

Ignorance and indifference

Family disunity

Community Disruption


Foster Families for Children in Need

We provide safe families for abandoned children through willing and godly foster parents that provide aid and support.

Financial Independence for Foster Families

We train foster parents to be financially independent, to eventually provide for their family and achieve sustainable prosperity

Training for Care Givers

We provide trauma management training for our caregivers to improve their ability to provide regular, relevant, and godly care to the children and their parents.

Spiritual Teachers & Discipleship

Our goal is to have safe loving families, that love God and use their life gifts to serve God and his children through volunteer service.

Emotional Support

When vulnerable children or their parents go through traumatic experience, we there to provide the emotional and psycho-social support they need.

Our Vision

Is for every vulnerable child to have a healthy family to belong to.

Our Goals

Take as much children as possible out of the streets and into the arms of loving and godly foster parents
Fight against poverty and help families experience holistic prosperity
Support children and parents to overcome traumas and emotional problems
Pursue united, stable families where the love of Christ dwells supremely
Produce transformed communities, one family at a time


Join us and save more lives in Uganda