Fighting to Stay Alive, to Raise His Children.

seeking medical care

Fighting to Stay Alive, to Raise His Children.

John is a father of five children, fighting for his life. He’s been battling a skin disease for four years, which has left him malnourished and in terrible pain. He’s currently at our rescue home urgently waiting for full medical care.
Please help him seek help with a financial donation of any amount today if you feel touched by his condition.

In Uganda, many people die from curable diseases due to poverty and lack of proper medical care. Like many other Ugandans, John has been using simple herbs and self-medicating to relieve his pain. No one knows if this is a superficial skin disease or something terminal.

John was a farmer and the breadwinner of his family, but he sold off his land to access medical care due to poor health. Today, John has nothing to his name and depends on charity to pay for wound care ointments that are not working so far.

You can give him back his dignity.
Please make a donation online today.

Thank you,
Angela Allen Kakooza

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