Child Rescue Program

The Problem

Uganda is struggling with an insurmountable problem: orphans, abused and abandoned children are languishing in orphanages, on the streets, in remand homes or sibling headed households. Hundreds of children are abandoned in orphanages by well-meaning poor parents and extended family members out of desperation.


The plight of these vulnerable children is grime and without early intervention the side effects are often irreversible. Children grow up unattached to a parent figure and become fearful of making meaningful relationships. This is a danger to the fabric of Uganda’s society as it fills up with hardened broken youths and adults.

Our Strategy

CNFOUG works with members of the community to identify orphans, abandoned and abused children in need of care and protection. Concerned villagers encourage unaccompanied children to visit the CNFOUG center, where children may eat a snack or play games. This interaction allows CNFOUG staff and volunteers to begin to build relationships and earn the children’s trust.


At reception of an Orphan, abused or vulnerable child, is given a health check-up and receive treatment for any parasites like worms or lice. Children with HIV are given the appropriate treatment if it is available and started on Anti Retro Viral medicines. Each child takes a bath, the first of many they might have had in months, and is given a new set of clothes. This step, as small as it may seem, is crucial to restoring their dignity and self-worth.


Healing begins when a traumatized child finds a family to belong to. A safe place to call their own, to help them believe, achieve and thrive. The foster family gets trauma identification training and referral to needed treatment. The foster family becomes eligible to receive business development training and ongoing financial literacy to improve the family’s livelihood.

Rescue a Vulnerable Child Today

In 2017, CNFOUG reunited 15 children with extended family members, the rest of the children were matched and placed with a trained foster family. We make all efforts to keep siblings together where it’s in the best interest of all the children involved.