Urgent Appeal: Support the Displaced Families of Kyanja Kilombe

Urgent Appeal: Support the Displaced Families of Kyanja Kilombe

A Community in Crisis

A tragedy has unfolded in the heart of Uganda’s Kyanja Kilombe zone. This area, a longstanding home to low-income families, has been devastated. The city council recently demolished homes in this wetland area. This has left about a hundred people homeless, many of whom have lived here for over a decade.

The Plight of the Families

These families, resilient and hardworking, had built their lives with the simplest of materials: mud, tarps, wood, and sticks. In an effort to contribute, their children collect plastic to sell, helping to feed their families. The parents, often single caregivers, engage in labor-intensive jobs like brick-making, laundry services, and small-scale vending.

Our Breakfast and Tutor Club: A Beacon of Hope

At our Breakfast and Tutor Club, we have supported over eighty children from this area daily. Here, the children receive a healthy breakfast and educational assistance, ensuring they start their school day nourished and prepared. This program is more than just a meal. It is a stepping stone towards a brighter future.

The Current Emergency

The recent demolitions have not only destroyed homes but have also shattered the sense of security and stability these families had. With their homes razed down, possessions lost, and the relentless rains, these families are in dire need of immediate assistance.

How You Can Help

  1. $50 provides two-week Emergency Food Supplies for a family of four: To ensure these families do not go hungry during this critical time.
  2. $100 provides Transport Assistance: To help those who wish to relocate to their villages.
  3. $150 buys Temporary Shelter Materials for one family: Plastic covers/tarps and blankets to protect them from the rain.

Your Impact

Your donation can bring immediate relief to these families. It will help them navigate through this challenging period and plan their next steps with a bit more ease and dignity.

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