International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Who is the most powerful woman in your life? Your hero, role model, someone who led with kindness and didn’t return evil for evil. No matter who they may be or may have been, I pray that you choose to pay it forward on this International women’s day.

Today, we celebrate Lydia, a foster mother who has dedicated her life to raising children affected by diseases, grief, and various traumas. Lydia became a foster mother last year at the height of the pandemic when we needed to find a home for four children ages four to eleven. She has embraced her new role as a foster mother with all its challenges. Lydia gives love even when it’s thrown back in her face.

Lydia keeps believing even when the children rebel and lie. Such is the fate of most foster mothers, the unsung heroes of society. Our foster mothers do their best to love children back into healthy lifestyles. Lydia receives training to understand that with time, patience, structure, and the grace of God, some children may recover while others never will. Lydia’s goal is to keep trying, push forward and stand in the gap.

Uganda faces multiple economic challenges, including the high cost of health care, unstable markets for perishable goods, and lack of business capital for low-income earners like Lydia. According to UNICEF, “due to the pandemic, an estimated 15 million women and children will require humanitarian assistance in Uganda in 2022.”

You can provide Lydia and her four foster children food and necessities for a whole month with just $150 

Please consider making your donation a monthly gift

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