Long Term Mission Trips

Summer Interns 


As a summer, intern you would partner with a national church youth group to lead evangelistic English, sport, and/or music camps for young people in Uganda. You would be responsible for teaching, building relationships with students, following up with those students, and facilitating a variety of training activities related to youth ministry.


You would serve on a team of four to six interns under the leadership of an experienced CNFOUG staff member. Prior to the start of camps, teams undergo a week of intensive training in Uganda to help them get culturally ready. At the end of the summer, you debrief with a time of testimonies and reflection. As an Intern, you are required to raise your support as a faith missionary.


Minimum commitment: 11 weeks
Age requirement: Minimum age is 20 years old or you must have finished one year of college.

Extended Summer Interns


As an extended summer intern, you would serve under the leadership of an experienced CNFOUG staff member and minister by discipling new believers and helping local youth ministries. You would also take part in any ongoing youth field training provided by CNFOUG to its beneficiaries during your internship period. Generally, these internships take place during the school year.


Often extended interns begin as summer interns and then extend their stay until right before Christmas. As an extended intern you will gain experience and to confirm if your calling and gifts are in serving in an overseas role long term. As an extended intern, you will be expected to raise your support as a faith missionary.


Maximum commitment: 9 months


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